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May. 8th, 2012

one language at a time

You know it's a fannish uproar when even I wake up and post!

Hello, everyone! (As usual, it's been a hundred years, but you're all looking great! They made me stop reading my friendslist after whatever the cap was, but it's very nice to catch up with even a portion of everybody's goings-on.)

So, let's talk about a show I don't even watch! Castle's season finale was last night.

Cut in case you are one of the three people who haven't been spoiled for the Castle season finale.Collapse )

Nov. 6th, 2011

i am a little fighter

Feeling the feelings.

So, my main life update is about how much I love Parks and Recreation.

Seriously thought, Parks and Recreation is such an amazing show I don't even feel like I have to talk about it much because everyone already loves it and my work here is done!

I love dramas and mysteries and the whole business, but sometimes I just really want to watch a show that genuinely wants its characters to be HAPPY, and we get whole episodes where a subplot is, "Character X and Character H hang out," and it's still amazing and character building and is referenced later and is technically a plot in itself and mostly you just get amazing scenes where characters routinely go over to one another's houses to help them do things outside of work, which happens like every third episode, minimum.

Minor ship spoilers for the last few episodes.Collapse )


Other life updates include: for some reason, even though it's not really winter yet, my feet are already so cold that I have to wear socks all the time even in my own apartment, and I am still not used to it and sometimes I take a corner too fast and nearly slip. I am a beautiful flower, etc.

May. 25th, 2011

one language at a time


We all know SVU is the horrible-boyfriend show that agrees to meet your family after dating you 12 years, only to stand you up so you're sitting with your parents and brother and sister when the hostess brings you a note that says, "Don't ask who got your sister pregnant or things will get awkward. PS, We're broken up."

It just proved it by announcing that Mariska Hargitay will be changing her role next season (either the Cap is getting replaced or the Computer Crimes Division needs her back down there to ignore some more work), and that Christopher Meloni will not be returning at all. They also announced that Jennifer Love Hewitt is in talks to return as a cop, which has to be a joke, and if it's not NOBODY TELL ME.

From their perspectives, I totally get it. They've been doing this show for the equivalent of a seventh-grader. The show, as we know, has gone from pulpy fun to turning on the sun and monkeys in basketballs, which were marvelous moments but did not really do much for their reputation as being a pretty terrible show. It's just time to move on. Now they can take even LONGER joint vacations with their uncomfortable spouses!

However, I have to say that if you think your romantic-lead actor isn't coming back and your romantic-lead actress is antsy, and the fans have been waiting 12 years for them to just make out, you'd think they'd write in a kiss, if only to throw the fans a bone PLUS make the show seem interesting enough to come back to. But shows what I know, because we're dunzo with those characters. GHOST WHISPERER IN THE HOUSE, BITCHES.

I have been out of the SVU fandom for a long time, and it's sort of sad how little I miss it, though that's largely because we kept getting jerked around by promising character setups that turned into hilarious plots about smuggling jungle animals.

But I would be lying if I said that I won't miss one of my oldest TV OTPs, who could be pretty awesome.

This image courtesy of, a site that manages to highlight what is sublime, and what is just sublimely bad, about this series. I will be looking at this blog in its entirety, which will count as a moment of silence, unless I keep laughing, in which case the show probably had it coming anyway.

Feb. 9th, 2011

i am a little fighter

Give me your sweet lies, catalogs!

Most of the time, I am not super susceptible to clothing advertising. I mean, I can look at something on a billboard and say, "Oh, that's really nice!" and not for a moment think of actually wearing it myself, because my major criteria in clothing is "How close does this feel to pajamas?" and "Is it as close to black as possible?"

Here is about where my fashion sense is: I know just enough to recognize that there is a trend of harem sweatpants worn with a kicky shrunken jacket and an adorable top and some expedition boots or something, and I know just enough to realize that if I owned harem sweatpants, I would wear them with an enormous sweater and some socks and run up and down the street like, "THEY'RE CONSIDERED CLOTHES NOW, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? HOW AWESOME IS THIS?"

However, every once in a while I will get a catalog in the mail, and as I sit down to call the company and tell them they are clearly wasting their time and their paper products and should cease and desist, I start to look at the catalog, and then an hour later I realize I have dog-eared ten pages of things like tweed pencil skirts, which I not only can't afford but would never actually wear, because the women in the catalogs are going to their jobs as magazine professionals and I go to my job as Phone Answerer where I might actually be able to get away with that sweatpants outfit without anyone noticing and for which a tweed skirt would be not only uncomfortable but suspiciously over the top. (You know you work in a casual office when the only response to anyone looking sharp is, "Are you interviewing elsewhere?")

Then I go for the middle ground, buy a kicky jacket from their online sale section, and call it a night.

(There is no point to this post except that I got a catalog in the mail today, and I did not wear sweatpants to work today, and I have a kicky jacket coming in the mail. Uh, mission accomplished?)

Dec. 16th, 2010

i am a little fighter


Okay, it's been TWO MONTHS since I updated? I need to make up a superexciting spy adventure or something so it looks like I have a decent reason.

But let's be honest; mostly the reason is that I am work-overwhelmed and every time I start a blog entry it ends up being titled "Things I Like" and then the cursor just SITS THERE, BLINKING, as I realize that I do like stuff, I must like stuff!, but I just cannot think of any.

I do know that the list would certainly include Community and 30 Rock, both of which consistently make me laugh, and both of which occasionally make me extremely uncomfortable. The former outweighs the latter on both shows, which is nice. (I also enjoy the fact that Jack and Liz have clearly decided they never want to have sex, but instead would like to just live on the same block forever so they don't have to go far to complain. That makes up for the occasionally bizarre plot-forwarding of him deciding he doesn't like talking to her about her problems right after he had to fight for the right to keep her as his DHIC.)

On that list would also include eggnog, which I only ever let myself buy after December 15, because otherwise I pick it up mid-November when my grocery store starts stocking it, and the empty boxes just pile up to the ceiling until I come to my senses in January.

I am now at DEFCON 3 in the present-buying process, where I am at the point of feeling as though I have bought for everyone, but suspecting deep-down that there is someone super-important I have missed, and I will show up for the holidays and realize it too late to do anything and end up giving my Dad a half-eaten tin of breath mints. (Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night. No, I don't know why.)

HOWEVER, the thing that drove me over here to post INSTANTLY was THIS NONSENSE. They're shutting down Delicious? WHERE WILL I GO WHEN I DISCOVER FANDOMS THREE YEARS TOO LATE? WHERE DO THEY EXPECT ME TO GO?

*curls into little ball, weeps quietly*

Oct. 14th, 2010

one language at a time


So, USA runs about 15 episodes of SVU every day, and I try so hard to avoid it, but sometimes you're just folding laundry or something and it comes on and the next thing you know you realize this is, in fact, the episode where the CSI guy snaps and kills the other CSI guy and ties Stabler to a chair and lies to Benson about it, but Benson shows up in the nick of time and pretends she's on the CSI guy's side by slapping Elliot right in the face EIGHT HUNDRED TIMES because apparently the CSI guy never noticed how they are usually two inches shy of making out on the job and can easily buy that they hate each other, and then Olivia makes out with the CSI guy and Elliot has five seconds of jealous confusion before he remembers it's a distraction, and then they overpower the guy and it turns out Olivia knew he was in trouble because the CSI guy said he'd gone out for sushi and he hates sushi.

Dear this show: I know I haven't watched you in a long time, and this episode made it perfectly clear why I don't (did you know Nick Stahl was in this episode? I did not, since I had never seen the whole thing before), but damned if I didn't sit there, mesmerized by whatever the fuck nonsense was going on, until the whole episode was finished.

Then I rewound to the part where Elliot gets slapped in the face a hundred times and watched that part twice more. BECAUSE I COULD.

This message has been brought to you by the fact that no later, better show has ever exceeded the pull that this awful, awful show has on me. I own so many wonderful procedurals on DVD (so, so many, I need to clean up), and they are well-scripted and well-acted and beautifully shot, and what happens? SVU happens. Every time.

Sep. 27th, 2010

i am a little fighter


I actually shouted that at my TV when I realized how much awesome stuff was going to start piling up on my TiVo in the coming weeks. Apparently summer is very hard on me!

Community!Collapse )

30 Rock!Collapse )

Man, it's like two really awesome friends moved back home with these shows! I MISSED YOU GUYS.

Sep. 2nd, 2010

this is a crappy plan


I leave LJ for ONE MONTH and look what trouble it gets into.

For the record: I don't crosspost anything, anywhere, so don't worry about that. The little things are there only because I'm too much of a dummy to fiddle with the CSS; nothing is going anywhere.

HOWEVER, I WOULD like to know if you're leaving Lj for Dreamwidth, just so I can friend you over there. (I have an account there. I think. I might have to dust off a few things. Or a lot of things. But I think I have one! Anyway, the point is, let me know if you're Dreamwidth-bound?)


Other updates:

- I am so busy these days it's kind of off-putting (for me, hopefully it is not affecting anyone else - except the people I work with, who deserve it).

- I am in one of those moods where I like to rewatch movies I've already seen because watching a new movie stresses me out, even if the movie itself is a lighthearted comedy. I mean, The Full Monty was on a few nights ago and I nearly had a coronary when Mark Addy runs away from his job as a security guard. DON'T RUN AWAY FROM A PERFECTLY GOOD JOB WITH RETIREMENT POTENTIAL! (You can tell where some of my anxiety is going these days!)

- I cannot WAIT for Community to start again. Every Thursday I check to make sure they didn't push up the season opener without telling me. (They didn't.)

- In related news, I will not be watching The Big Bang, both because it's a schedule conflict and Community wins hands-down, and also because that show has really started to dislike the ladies, so.

- I am also eagerly awaiting some of the many shows that premiere this fall. I just need one to hang a fandom on! (Remember when Blair and Chuck were still awesome and every episode of Gossip Girl was a hilarious, nonsense delight? Yeah, me too. COME ON, FALL SEASON, GIVE ME ONE MORE LIKE THAT. JUST ONE.)

- I am not saying I feel this way all the time, but I may, sometimes. Via The Onion: 8.4 Million New Yorkers Suddenly Realize New York City A Horrible Place To Live. The part about the poop smell is frighteningly accurate.


Anyway, I have been gone for a while and have not even had time to catch up with everything, plus I don't want to be that creeper who comments in a post three weeks too late. So, what happened while I was gone? What's new? Any amazing fics/graphics? Any fandoms I should know about to get a head-start on the fall season?

Jul. 25th, 2010

i am a little fighter

Mad Men 4x01

Season premiere!

Very minor spoilers, all character and no plot.Collapse )

Jul. 24th, 2010

i am a little fighter


More than a month without posting! NEW RECORD, I THINK. UH, CONGRATULATIONS?

The points are these:

1. I wish I was at Comic-Con, but it looks so crowded that really I just wish I had better glimpses of the contraband footage.

2. Obviously my job is a little nutball, which is why I am not posting more

2b. It is also why I'm not watching as much TV as I used to - well, that and Community isn't back yet. (But seriously, I'm not watching Psych or anything. When I come home, if I turn on the TV, I want something like the Food Network, because I can't even handle the stress of the Home and Garden channel - "WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE THE TWO-BEDROOM WITH THE NICE BACKYARD? OH GOD, I CAN'T TAKE THIS.")

3. It is so hot right now that I had cold strawberries for breakfast, cereal for lunch, and am thinking about ice cream for dinner. I DO NOT SEE ANY OTHER OPTIONS.

4. I have been really remiss in reading. HOW IS EVERYONE? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU?

ETA: Seriously, I hit back=640 or something and it was all just a big fever dream by then. Please inform me how you are, because now I have the impression everyone on my friendslist is having every emotion at once. (I should probably read more slowly.)

Jun. 16th, 2010

i am a little fighter


So I guess I haven't updated in a squillion years, and the first thing I notice is that my most recent comments on the login page are now LJ spotlights for communities about landscapes and 80s TV. There was a moment of confusion ("When did I ever post about landscapes?") before I realized we had some "design improvements" instead.

Okay, so, general updates, in no particular order of importance!

1. 10 Things I Hate About You is officially over. I will be sad about this for a long time - I think that, even though the initial character setups were the same as in the movie, the show immediately took on a life of its own. I've come to like it more than the movie, in a lot of ways (for example, when Patrick kisses Kat to shut her up in the TV series, she actually calls him on it). Sadly, even though it was awesome and more like a vague homage to Clueless than the movie it was named after, it was cancelled. That will teach me to love a show! *sobs*

2. In unrelated news, a hidden arc of that show is Ethan Peck learning how to act as the weeks went on. (Now he's good! I hope he finds work! I am somehow not worried about the rest of them.)

3. So, USA completely leaving Psych out of its summer promo blitz: proof that the show is just not as awesome as it once was, and they totally know? (Because they're not wrong, but wow, that's stone-cold.)

4. Friends who have been valiantly trying to get me to watch Criminal Minds; I am up on my casting spoilers, and given that, I'm probably gonna pass. (Yikes, studio people at Criminal Minds. Just, yikes.)

5. I removed Big Bang Theory from my Season Pass list a few weeks ago. It joins SVU in the ranks of the "I Just Couldn't Any More. Call Me When They Make Out."*

* Someone will let me know, right?

The rest of my life is uneventful (in the good way), though I find myself without the two things I will need to get through this summer: a prevailing fannish interest, or decent non-thong sandals*. Hopefully I will be able to fix both of these situations soon.


May. 20th, 2010

fuck you very much.


Community finale reaction!

Spoilers!Collapse )

May. 19th, 2010

fuck you very much.

*tumbleweed rolls by*

*wah WAAAAH waaaaah*

CBS moves Big Bang Theory to Thursdays at 8pm, opposite Bones and Community.

...and makes my choice about next season for me!

I understand that they're taking a ratings gorilla and moving it as an anchor to Shit My Dad Says; I just don't know if that's enough audience overlap to make a difference. Wouldn't 2 and a Half Men be a more consistent lead-in to Shit my Dad Says? (For those who have not seen the script to SMDS, it includes the girl who literally only has to tuck her hair behind her ears to be pretty, and has a crush on our hero, and that's just the beginning. Wooof.)

For me, it's not even a contest; I'll be watching Community. Go, Greendale Human Beings!

May. 11th, 2010

i am a little fighter

Then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started. Wait -

So, Big Bang Theory was last night!

Episode spoilers.Collapse )

And so was 10 Things I Hate About You!

Mild general-series spoilers.Collapse )

Apr. 26th, 2010

i am a little fighter

"It was just the unfortunate confluence of puberty and corduroy pants!"

Okay, 10 Things I Hate About You just gets better and better. Is there any fic for this fandom? Seriously. I will take gen, het, slash (though this is a weirdly un-slashy show, all things considered), anything that makes this show happen more than just 30 minutes a week.

Unfortunately, even as I watch every episode like, six times in a row, I hear the show is in danger. I will be crushed if it's not renewed after this season. Then again, if Legend of the Seeker isn't safe, what is?! DON'T LEAVE ME, 10 THINGS, I AM SERIOUS.

And in news about shows that will NEVER, EVER BE CANCELED NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT MIGHT DO THEM GOOD, let me remind you about the May 5 episode! Let's all be disappointed together, shall we?

Apr. 16th, 2010

i am a little fighter

Ugly Betty and how I roll, TV-wise.

I saw the first five or so episodes of Ugly Betty. I liked it, but not enough to set aside the time every week, so I figured I'd pick up the DVDs sometime. I never bothered to pick up the DVDs, because I didn't have the time, but I would watch the occasional episode or behind-the-scenes video and think, "What a nice show I'm not regularly watching!" I heard that the third season was dour, and felt happy to have dodged a TV bullet. Then I tuned in to the series finale, just because I wanted to see how Betty and Daniel had panned out.

You know, there's a lot to be said about skipping years of anguish and being able to jump right to the closure point!

...isn't there, SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT.

Anyway, here's how Betty and Daniel panned out.Collapse )

Apr. 12th, 2010

one language at a time



Spoilers, as if you can spoil a show that's basically Mad Libs with salaries attached.Collapse )

Apr. 9th, 2010

i am a little fighter


Please note that my entire life update from now until ever will probably be just about TV. I am increasingly fine with that, especially since it's getting hot outside, so I'm not about to go outside. (That's where sweating happens!) Boring, but content. It's a legit lifestyle, right?

IN MORE MOMENTOUS AND SAD NEWS: LOCI HAS ENDED, except for the part where it will keep going with actors no one really cares about.

I never watched LOCI as faithfully as I watched SVU: Endless Tease Unit, but whenever I did, it was pretty obvious that Goren and Eames were a pair of great detectives who also happened to be secretly married. In a lot of ways, they were more married than even Olivia and Elliot (I KNOW RIGHT?), because they didn't have the same constant power struggle, and instead had a symbiotic partnership that seemed to really suit them. (They also occasionally followed the law, which no one on SVU even worries about any more, so that was new and different!)

Also, they went undercover a lot, and it was almost always really adorable. Tie for my favorite might be them at the dance lesson, and her getting her sketch in the park and Goren cockblocking the guy sketching her, because it felt so gleeful that you could just tell that they couldn't wait until the day five seasons from then when they could both quit the force and go home and do hilariously half-hearted sexy foreplay about this kind of BS before they just give up and sit down to watch some TV or something.

Mar. 31st, 2010

one language at a time


I saw an SVU rerun tonight that was not completely terrible!

It was the Lena Olin episode, and even though they ended up dealing with 73 cases in the course of forty minutes, at least all of them were actual legal-type quandaries with humans as the only primates involved, so really they were on an upward swing!

(What kind of show is this where THIS is an upward swing? How do I keep getting sucked in?NOBODY ANSWER ME, I THINK WE ALL KNOW.)

I laughed out loud, however, since at one point Stabler does something so assy that people actually comment on it, which just strikes me as silly at this point. We all have eyes! Stop bringing him back from Cop Who Ignores The Rules Time-Out if you don't want him randomly accosting people!

Tonight: SEASON FINALE. WHO IS ACTUALLY PLANNING TO WATCH THIS? (There is no reason to watch it, since their contracts came through, and so their chances of going out separately alone only to get trapped together by the same villain and dangled by a single rope off a cliffside and making out in the moments before their grisly deaths before they are rescued at the last second by Fin are not high. If that happens, though, I'll totally call you!

Mar. 26th, 2010

one language at a time


My life is mostly the same (in a good way), so not much to talk about there. HOWEVER, my TiVo erased the season finale of Psych. APPARENTLY THERE WAS SOME JULIET AND/OR LASSITER AWESOME STUFF? I GUESS I WILL NEVER KNOW TONIGHT LIKE I HAD PLANNED ON.

But that means that In Plain Sight is coming back, with their "this partnership is like a marriage" business. You get TWO EPISODES, SHOW. TOPS. And by episodes, I mean seasons. And by Tops, I mean I will watch nine more seasons after that and only leave when you make your suspects take space vacations in Second Life.

Speaking of which, apparently, SVU's season finale is going to be something! (Something awful, no doubt, but still!) It's called "Bedtime."


I'm just putting this out there, but I will watch this episode if it has a shot of one of the cops tucking any other of the cops in, at any point. Double points if it's Cragen.

Mar. 4th, 2010

nerd alert

"Actually, it's exactly like a marriage."

Oh, USA. Your new ads for In Plain Sight really make me want to watch the show. Again. But uuugh.

People who watch this show: I watched the first half or so of the first season, but I had to stop, because I disliked every single woman on that show, which has never happened to me in my life. Did anyone watch the rest of the season? If so, did things improve? If they're going to run with this "cop partnership is a marriage" thing, and Mary is even slightly bearable, they have my attention for at least the next eight seasons.

(Oh, SVU, those are years of my life I will never get back.)

In terms of shows I am watching, I have been having some feelings about Big Bang Theory.Collapse )

Oh, and I'm caught up on Psych!

I don't think it's a coincidence that my favorite episode of the season is more about Lassiter and Juliet than about Shawn. One day, USA will go a legit ensemble show, and that will be amazing.

Until that day comes, I will continue to identify with Gus's inability to look at gore, and laugh at Shawn's line deliveries despite myself.

Oh, and Community is the most amazing show ever; rarely do I laugh so hard at people I love so much. It's like Arrested Development, except I loved those people for being awful and love Community people for being adorable. A GOOD SHOW, IS WHAT I AM SAYING HERE.

What else do I need to be watching?

Feb. 15th, 2010

i am a little fighter

Of all the things I've lost

I miss that little bar telling you how long it's been since you've posted, the most. Otherwise I can log in three or four times before it occurs to me that I haven't posted anything. Ugh, I need a suave British butler to remind me of these things! And to arrange for my personal helicopter, I guess.


I don't know where this has come from, but I am weirdly invested in the Winter Olympics this year. Not that I even have a sport or person to root for, just that I seem to end up watching all night despite myself and totally falling for the sob stories they feed you in between heats. (I also tend to be much more supportive of non-USA athletes, just because there are so, so many USA athletes, and the other guys have stories like Sven Kramer, the speed skater so beloved that 1) the country is apparently promised a break on their energy bills for every medal he wins? and 2) in the beginning of his fluff piece, some poor grandma points to her grandson and says, "I wish he was Sven Kramr!" THAT KID HAD BETTER NOT SUFFER SUCH HUMILIATION IN VAIN, IS ALL.


In fashion news, I am trying to decide if I should get a pair of brown boots. Nothing I own is brown, but they can look so awesome!

Feb. 10th, 2010

i am a little fighter

It all started with a big...theory?

Belarus is producing an unauthorized version of The Big Bang Theory called The Theorists.

There are complicated copyright, intellectual property, cultural, and fair-play issues at work here. Which is why my prevailing question is:

Who is this fifth guy?

I mean, we have Leonard, Sheldon, Raj in the sweater vest, Howard in the polo, and...Michael Buble?

Feb. 6th, 2010

one language at a time

SVU Casting.

SVU casting...spoiler, I guess?Collapse )

Feb. 5th, 2010

nerd alert

Community, "Romantic Expressionism."

A week or so ago, I mentioned a few things about Community. One was:

- In a general way, I love that this show can give us any two characters in a scene and give them something interesting to do that changes their relationship.

Let me just say: Thanks for not falling down on the job, show.

Huge long nerding-out under this spoiler cut, plus vid, because people knew how amazing this was and capped it IMMEDIATELY.Collapse )

Feb. 4th, 2010

nerd alert


Not really spoilery first reactions from tonight's Community.Collapse )

Feb. 3rd, 2010

o rly

Big Baaaaang

So, a question about this week's Big Bang Theory.

For once it is not, How awesome are Sheldon and Penny?, even though that question also applies.Collapse )

Tomorrow night is Community. Yes, this is how I measure time, and I am okay with that.

Jan. 29th, 2010

one language at a time

Here, here.

I've fallen prey to that thing where you begin to freak out about how long it's been since you posted, and you keep meaning to post but then things build up and you realize you'd be talking about two weeks' worth of three shows and you end up just looking at Failblog and going to bed.

HOWEVER. I have been watching TV, and loving it. Loooving it! (Sort of.)

30 Rock.Collapse )

Big Bang TheoryCollapse )

Community.Collapse )

Man, when TV is good, my evenings get so joyful, you know?

Jan. 12th, 2010

i am a little fighter

Big Bang Theory, "The Psychic Vortex"

It's like they knew about my list of issues...and sneezed on it.

So, you feel like jumping into the middle of another couple's argument?Collapse )

Jan. 11th, 2010

nerd alert

I've got big apple pie in the sky hopes.

So, in the last month and a half, I've caught up on Big Bang Theory and Community, and am enjoying them, by and large. (Still have some issues with how BBT treats women, and sadly, those will probably never go away since the showrunners seem to be using Leonard as their stand-in and he's as bad as Howard in his own way.)

Last week, showrunners for both shows made statements in what seems to be direct response to online fandom...ness. It's superinteresting to me, and I want to get opinions from everyone, so click the link for vaguely-spoilery 'ship news for both shows.

Spoilers that will surprise no one, and me asking questions of invisible people!Collapse )

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